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Yorkshire Mohs Surgery & Skin Cancer Clinic

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Whether you’ve been referred by your GP with a suspicious lump or you are concerned about a changing mole on your skin Dr Hussain has a wealth of experience in skin assessments and the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer. He welcomes patients of all ages to attend his skin cancer clinic and will always strive to make your experience as stress free as possible. He remains passionate about providing a first-class service to all his patients and will always go that extra step to answer your questions, deal with your concerns and agree on a treatment plan that is tailored to your individual needs.

Mohs Micrographic Surgery – the ‘gold standard’ of facial skin cancer treatment

Dr Hussain is nationally recognised as a leading expert in Mohs micrographic surgery – a specialised technique using a microscope to ensure all the ‘roots’ of a skin cancer are removed. Studies have shown that Mohs surgery offers the highest cure rate following skin cancer removal and allows a cosmetically pleasing repair to be performed (as the hole to remove the cancer is kept as small as possible). For this reason, it is undoubtedly considered to be the ‘gold standard’ surgical treatment of facial skin cancer and some other body sites too.

Dr Hussain’s expertise is such that he is the only dermatological surgeon in all of Yorkshire to be accredited by the prestigious American College of Mohs Surgery, the world’s leading Mohs surgery institution. You should not be afraid of asking your doctor about their level of training and experience in Mohs surgery. Dr Hussain has performed thousands of Mohs cases during his career to date and continues to perform hundreds of cases each year. He will diagnose your skin cancer, remove it using the Mohs technique, interpret the microscope slides himself AND reconstruct the wound. If your skin cancer does not require Mohs surgery or requires the input of other specialists, Dr Hussain will discuss this with you from the onset.

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